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1) Heroes Manufactured by Yaron Betan in Best Feature Documentary
2) The Making of Recovery 
by Matthew Gillespie in Best Short Documentary
by Markus Eichenberger in Best Cinematography
4) Hearts of Steel 
by Gayle Wilmot in Best Short Documentary
5) Poi - Hopes and Dreams 
by Lanita Ririnui-Ryan in Best Web/New Media
6) Mute 
by Kelse Whitfield in Best Student Film
7) Victoria Rosana Maite by Iñaki Velásquez in Best Director
8) Bad Kids 
by Tanner Sawatzky in Best Student Film
9) The Example 
by Gordon Williams in Best Drama Short
10) Extinction 
by Dylan Ramsey in Best Short Film
11) The Pull 
by Coreetta Buchan in Best Experimental Film
12) It's Within by Manu in Best Short Film
13) Dissecting Gwen 
by Katherine Barrell in Best Comedy Short
14) Name 
by Genevieve Bourassa in Best Comedy Short (Non-English)
15) Amazing Things Happen 
by Alex Amelines in Best Animation
16) Marital Aids 
by Liz Taylor in Best Actress
17) Parallels - I.R.L 
by Jack Chapman in Best Music Video
18) Hawk 
by Thomas Graziano in Best Romantic Comedy Screenplay Feature
19) Cathoholic (Season 1 - Episodes 1-3) 
by Mitchell Fahey in Best Web/New Media Screenplay
20) Snow 
by Peter Sreckovic in Best Dramatic Screenplay Feature
21) Love Nation 
by Katherine Carter in Best Screenplay 

by Dylan Ramsey
in Best Short Film

"A struggling single mother, Joan, is forced to choose between morality and law when she finds out that a gentle farmhand, Adam, is more than what he seems while protecting her six year old daughter, Mary, and her ailing grandmother, Rose."